Twenty-two years ago, Sam Rockwell was a junior in high school. I wonder if his young teenage mind ever imagined that two decades later he'd be starring in a feature film as a choking con man/sex addict. Since the adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk's Chokeis hitting theaters today, I thought we'd head back to Rockwell's real childhood.

There was no crazy mother kidnapping him and taking him on wild bus rides and dangerous adventures at the zoo. Instead, he was a student at San Francisco School of the Arts, busying himself with the school's improv group. About a minute in on the above video, you can see him sitting on a stage with one Ms. Margaret Cho. They do a little saucy improv before briefly talking about themselves. First there's Cho, hitting on areas she'd become famous for discussing, and then there's Rockwell. That guy oozed cool even back then.

From galaxy-wide adventures to the Old West, methinks Rockwell sought the adventure he said he was looking for.

[Thanks to Christopher Campbell for the heads up!]