Last week, Sacha Baron Cohen crashed a Milan fashion show. Now video has emerged as well, and it really whets our appetite for his upcoming Brüno flick.

Out of his three stock characters, Brüno's the least known, and yet the fabulous fashionista engaged in some of the funniest bits on Da Ali G Show. Not only did he send-up the laughable self-importance of the fashion world, he also challenged folks' sexuality. A memorable bit had him asking a gay deprogrammer if he would get turned on if Brüno gave him a lap dance. (We know we would!)

Although some critics wonder if Cohen can repeat the success of Boratwith Brüno, we're betting he'll get the last laugh, as long as he's willing to suffer for his art. And oh how he loves to do that. Just watch the video. After his moment of glory strutting down the runway in his Farrah 'do and Shadow cape (looking strangely hot), Cohen was detained by authorities. If only all comedians were willing to go so far for a chuckle.