One thing is for certain -- the Harry Potter kids know how to pick roles that really rip them out of the magical world of wizards and spells. First there was Daniel Radcliffe taking it all off in Equus, and now there's Rupert Grint getting down with his bad self for Cherrybomb.

The picture over to the right is just a peek at a few images that have popped up over at MTV. In the film, Grint plays Malachy, this guy who is trying to shmooze his boss' "exotic and fashionable" daughter. But his friend is also charmed by the girl and the two start competing to impress her. (I guess they don't have an "I'll back off if you like her," sort of relationship.) However, the competition doesn't include romantic declarations of love and boxes of chocolate, but rather stunts like stealing a car ... and it escalates from there. Grint says his character is basically good, but a "bit of a thug."

I have to say, I would never have imagined it before seeing these pictures, but Ron Weasley is growing up! Now we just need Emma Watson to grab a brow-raising role and the trio will have done their part to move beyond Hogwarts. The Dreamers 2 ... whaddya think?
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