I'm starting to think I'm the only one out there who still follows the old maxim: If it ain't broke, don't fix it. But, it's downright silly of me to think that a movie producer would ever miss the chance to earn a few bucks on a remake. Varietyreports that Michael De Luca has partnered with Alison Rosenzweig and Michael Gaeta on a remake of Alan Parker's (Evita) 1987 horror-suspense flick, Angel Heart.

Angel Heart originally starred Mickey Rourke as a seedy private investigator hired to locate a nightclub singer who's gone on the run. Robert De Niro co-starred as Rourke's mysterious client, Louis Cyphre, along with Lisa Bonet as the daughter of a voodoo priest. The film had a little bit of everything: voodoo, hard-boiled detectives, the prince of darkness, and more plot twists than you can shake a stick at. Not to mention the film is probably best remembered for its controversial sex scenes starring a Cosby kid naked and rolling around in blood.

The film might not have been a huge hit upon release, but has gained cult status over the years, and according to Variety, De Luca "has long been a fan of the novel." The production is still in its early stages, and so far there are no names attached to the project. De Luca adds, "It's a great blend of genres with a great Faustian bargain, compelling, universal themes and a rare combination of literary and commercial appeal." One thing is for sure -- unless they have some changes planned for the update, I wouldn't exactly describe the story of Harry Angel as one with 'commercial appeal' ... would you?
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