Need something to stare at for the next few minutes? Come waste time with us, and space out on the following fantastic movie-related Simpsons images:

1. Though I still haven't watched it yet [pokes brain with crayon], the season premiere of The Simpsons included a very awesome opening sequence where Boba Fett freezes the entire Simpson family in carbonite (check out image above). And for those who, like me, need to catch up on the lives of our friends from Springfield, you can scope out the entire season premiere over on [via Star Wars blog]

2. From the episode Husbands and Knives, the hilarious image above comes from the scene in which Milhouse asks Alan Moore to sign a copy of the DVD Watchmen Babies in V for Vacation. And then Moore smiled, signed a dozen copies and called it his most favorite movie in the entire world. Or not. (Am I nuts for wanting to watch at least one episode of a Watchmen Babies cartoon?)
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