***Note: The above "memo" is not real, it is a work of fiction and it is not to be taken seriously.***

Not ten minutes after this scintillating story hit the wire, I came across this similar item on my very own desktop. Read on to see how the movie marketing machine really works:
From: Enrico Palazzo, Digital Marketing, Disney
To: Equally Deluded Colleagues

Attached is an updated report on online buzz around the new Beverly Hills Chihuahua assets:

Favorable Tone Dominates Trailer Buzz – Currently, reactions to the Beverly Hills Chihuahua trailer are significantly favorable (approximately 80%) within Entertainment, Fan-Boy, Video Sharing, Social Networks, Social Bookmarks, and Dog Show communities. Latin-American groups seem particularly pleased with the ways in which their culture is depicted in the trailer. Fans deem the trailer "full of small dogs," often praising the "disturbingly non-human" way that the dogs were presented and asserting that it is "slightly less migraine-inducing" than the initial teaser. Enthusiasts also note that the "furry" trailer has furthered their anticipation for the film's release and anticipate that it will feature many great ADR-to-dog-lip performances from the ensemble dog cast. Additionally, many viewers share panting excitement to see Raja Gosnell's "distinctive work" in the film and, while others admitted that they "aren't fans" of the voice of George Lopez, they stated that the trailer has "sold" them on seeing Beverly Hills Chihuahua during their next flight to Denver. Neutral reactions (15%) arise from viewers sharing sickened reactions to the trailer, often asserting that while the film has the potential to be "doggy-riffic" they still have their doubts based on the initial reviews in the predictably dismissive Cat Fancy magazine.

Lack of Taco Bell References Still an Issue - The limited amount of unfavorable discussion (5%) stems from critics expressing general disinterest in the film, contending that the trailer makes Beverly Hills Chihuahua look like "
another talking dog movie that will briefly spark interest in chihuahuas, but only till the kids get bored and they abandon the yappy little dogs in an unsanctioned dog shelter along with all those dalmatians they swore to love forever." Additional focus group testing indicates that American viewers are "confused" by the lack of Taco Bell references in the trailer, while other viewers confused a boom mike for a cattle prod and promptly sent a complaint to PETA.

In related news, Americans barely have money to buy milk, but early tracking indicates that they'll gladly drop $25 on Beverly Hills Chihuahua if it makes their children stop whining for 91 consecutive minutes.
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