Earlier this year, I alerted you to a bloody ear cake, Blue Velvet-style. But now the blood ante has been upped -- just in time for the spooky, Halloween-themed month of October. Forget just one lone, severed body part, and go for a whole bunch -- feet, hands, and more floating in the crisp blue sea! The above is just part of an excellent shark attack cupcake display made by Moogieland.

Now, it isn't specifically Jaws inspired, but man, these would be great for any Jaws-themed night or movie-themed costume party. Best of all, anyone can make them. The more cake-skilled can whip it all up from scratch, while the cake newbies can grab toy sharks and doll parts.

But, if you like to keep your severed parts away from your food (boo), you can always check out Spider-Man, sock monkey style.

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