If you're not so thrilled with the peeks of Hilary Swank as Amelia Earhart, or her collection of more recent comedicfare, read on -- the Oscar-winning actress is taking another trip into the realm of the serious. Variety reports that Swank is going to star in a new film called Betty Anne Waters.

Based on a true story, Swank gets to be a high school dropout who is convinced that her brother has been wrongfully convicted of murder. Rather than just whipping up buzz for her family member, she decides to take action. "In between raising kids and waiting tables, she worked her way through college and law school so she could represent her brother after he'd used up his attempts to appeal his conviction through public defenders." That's certainly one way to help!

While Swank's more recent interests haven't proved all that exciting, this project is sounding pretty intriguing. Added bonus: Tony Goldwyn, who's been busy lately directing TV episodes for shows like The L Word and Dexter, is directing the film. In fact, he's been working to get this made ever since the real story wrapped up in 2001 (on, of all days, September 11). At one point, Naomi Watts was attached, but now we get Swank.

Could this bring the actress Oscar #3?
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