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Cinematical has just received this exclusive poster for Pray the Devil Back to Hell, which took home the Best Documentary award at this year's Tribeca Film Festival. Directed by Gini Reticker, the buzz-worthy doc tells of a courageous group of Liberian woman who came together and stood up to those holding their country hostage in an attempt to bring peace back to the land.

The synopsis adds, "Thousands of women - ordinary mothers, grandmothers, aunts and daughters, both Christian and Muslim - came together to pray for peace and then staged a silent protest outside of the Presidential Palace. Armed only with white T-shirts and the courage of their convictions, they took on the warlords and nonviolently forced a resolution during the stalled peace talks. A story of sacrifice, unity and transcendence, Pray the Devil Back to Hell honors the strength and perseverance of the women of Liberia. Inspiring, uplifting, and most of all motivating, it is a compelling testimony of how grassroots activism can alter the history of nations."

Pray the Devil Back to Hellopens in theaters (in NYC) on November 7.