I wanted to call this a Fan Made post, and I suppose you can technically say artist Lou Romano is a "fan" of the designs he produces, but it's a weird line and so we're not attaching any labels. Romano, of course, is a member of the art department over at Pixar Studios, and over on his blog he's just thrown up a slew of early concept images for The Incredibles, Jack-Jack Attack and Mr. Incredible and Friends. Romano introduces the enormous set by saying they're "some other samples of Incredibles work I did between 2000-2004. Development/color styling/and dvd bonus materials." The image above (one of my personal favorites), he calls "more of a gag drawing."

The Incredibles happens to be right up there with my favorites of Pixar -- and with the popularity of superhero movies and the popularity of The Incredibles, I'm real surprised Pixar isn't looking to make a sequel -- and, instead, is churning out a Cars 2 and a Toy Story 3. Bogus, I say! Check out a few of Romano's images in the gallery below, then head over to his page to see a ton more. Would you be down for an Incredibles sequel? Or are you happy with more Cars and Toy Story?

[via Super Punch]
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