"Religion is just an opinion. It's your opinion, and it's no more sacred than my opinion about anything else."

Bill Maher is prepared to be public enemy no. 1 to the world's devout. "I think I've been that for about 15 years," the host of HBO's 'Real Time With Bill Maher' tells us. That very well may be, but expect the war of holy words to really blow up (no pun intended) when Maher's rabble-rousing documentary 'Religulous' hits theaters nationwide.

Directed by Larry Charles, the man behind the 2006 smash hit 'Borat,' 'Religulous' follows Maher on a "spiritual journey" across the globe as he interviews subjects as diverse as an actor playing Jesus Christ at a Christian amusement park, gay Muslims, an anti-Zionist rabbi and a U.S. senator who admits, "You don't have to take an IQ test to run for Senate." If you found Borat's wrestling match with a 300-pound naked man offensive, wait until you hear what Maher has to say about the Old Testament. Moviefone talked to the world's most outspoken agnostic for more insight into his controversial shtick.

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