If you're one of those folks who protesting the film, this probably won't be of much interest, but to the rest, feel free to check out the first five minutes of Blindness above. I'm hooked. Now I realize that I'm a wee bit biased, being a huge Don McKellar fan -- he not only wrote the adaptation, but also gives the opening his classic wit in one of the first speaking roles in the film -- but this movie simply looks darned good.

At the same time, I'm betting that being allured by these first minutes isn't a good indicator of what's to come. This is, after all, not a tale of a dude who goes mysteriously blind and his new, chatty sidekick. It's about a strange pseudo-blind epidemic where a milky haze plagues an unknown city.

But if you need more reasons to see it -- both Kim and James dug the new cut screened in Toronto last month.