We've brought you some very cool Steampunk Star Wars action figures in the past, and now comes these equally-as-cool fan made drawings of Star Wars characters over at Gorilla Artfare. Also done up all Steampunk-y, artist Björn Hurri has created a number of images for characters like Chewbacca (pictured above), Yoda (pictured below in gallery), Luke Skywalker (who looks like a cross between a steel worker and a meth addict), Han Solo (if he was 63 and still going strong) and a badass Storm Trooper (who's working a little Predator action into his Steampunk suit). We've included a couple of the images for you to check out below, then head over here to see the rest.

In addition to the Steampunk images, scope out this print of Reservoir Troopers (via Scrawl Collective) -- which is obviously a play off that famous scene from Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs. Awesome. Must have one. (Unfortunately, they're currently out of stock.)

Coming on Monday: A very tasty Star Wars treat ...

[via Super Punch]
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