Susan Sarandon and Tim Curry in The Rocky Horror Picture ShowIt's that 'Time Warp' time again! Follow the 'Rocky' road.

When 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' came out in 1975, it was shunned by critics and audiences alike. But soon the campy movie musical/monster satire reemerged as the ultimate cult flick: A midnight movie with raucous audience participation that became a rite of passage for "virgins" everywhere.

Today, Tim Curry's lingerie-clad transvestite may not be quite as shocking, but his polyamorous sex life -- Brad, Janet, Rocky, Eddie, Columbia, Magenta -- can still get some folks hot under the collar ... and elsewhere. Plus, who doesn't love yelling back at movies and not having an usher throw you out?

In the 33 years since the film was released, one cast member snagged an Oscar, one played the first U.S. Prez and another released an iconic record. Do the 'Time Warp' with us to find out what happened to all the fabulous freaks who so touch-a, touch-a, touched us.