Right off the bat, let me admit this: I never saw all of Transformers. I knew it wasn't my cup of tea, and when I caught about ten minutes at the DVD store recently, I was convinced I made the right decision. (God, that dialog made me laugh.) That being said, I think I might have been swayed if BBQ fiends had a hand in the film.

As Serious Eats has shared, the right porcine transformer above was part of the American Royal Barbecue Contest, which recently smoked up lots of meat and had some clever competitors from Massachusetts. I never realized before how perfectly a pig would fit into the Transformer mold until now. Instead of Optimus Prime, maybe it'd be Optimus Prime Rib? Rawhide rather than Ironhide?

Okay, so maybe a meat-themed Transformers movie would be a little weird, but that logo still rules.
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