Someone over at Netflix (and, more specifically Netflix's 'Watch Instantly' department) has been digging into my brain and pulling out some really strange and obscure movies that (as far as I know) aren't even available on DVD! The last time out, I was gushing over titles like Rolling Thunder, The Squeeze, and Planet of the Vampires -- but this time the Netflix VHS Stack is overflowing with wierd little flickers. Get a load of these ones:

The 1986 comedy Modern Girls, starring Cynthia Gibb, Daphne Zuniga, Virginia Madsen, and Clayton Rohner. I actually saw this one during its theatrical run. Some of the Animal House guys (Tim Matheson, Stephen Furst) team up with one of the Porky's guys (Dan Monahan) and the ESP hottie from Ghostbusters (Jennifer Runyon) to deliver one of the more fondly-remembered sex comedies of 1984: Up the Creek! Also features a cool Cheap Trick song and a great performance by a dog.

J. Lee Thompson's The White Buffalo (1977) is a bona-fide curio for fans of semi-forgotten cinema. It's an odd mixture of adventure, western, and horror in which Wild Bill Hicock (Charles Bronson) and Crazy Horse (Will Sampson) match wits with, yep, a large buffalo. Remember back in 1981 when "Klinton Spilsbury" was introduced as the legendary hero in The Legend of the Lone Ranger? Most people don't, but the movie does exist as proof. Martin Short and Danny Glover in the silly comedy Pure Luck (1991), which is a remake of the French farce La Chevre.
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