Those interested in picking up Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skullwhen it hits DVD on October 14th might want to pay attention to this post because there are several different options available to you. For example, above you can see an image of what's being offered at Best Buy -- a gift set with replica crystal skull from Sideshow Collectibles and a $25 gift card to Pretty cool for you cats who'd have no problem staring at that freak-ish alien skull for all eternity.

Okay, the alien skull is a bit much -- I get it -- but, like I said, you have options. Case in point:

  • Circuit City is handing out 2 lithographs of concept art from the movie.
  • Target is fooling around with a very sweet looking 80-page hardcover book with behind the scenes photos and never-been-published images.
  • Kmart and Sears will give you four exclusive LEGO mini-posters, each being a replica of the original theatrical poster from all four Indy films.
  • Lastly, Trans World is offering exclusive steelbook packaging.

Check out images of all these specials, along with their descriptions, in the gallery below.

Which Indiana Jones DVD will you be purchasing? (Here's where our first commenter says, "The one that's not called Kingdom of the Crystal Skull!" Zing!)
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