Like several worthwhile movie companies, Anchor Bay began by catering to the horror geeks. The company delivered fantastic DVDs of cult and classic genre flicks, and then began to branch out in all different directions. Over the past year or so, AB has dipped its toe into the theatrical pool, and now it looks like they're about to bring their cinematic output to a whole new level.

According to Variety, the "plan is to primarily acquire finished films it will roll out theatrically on fewer than 100 screens before distribbing them on other platforms like DVD, Starz's pay-TV service, the Internet, pay-per-view and video-on-demand, for example." The article goes on to mention the distributor's early forays into theatrical release -- titles like The Grand, Sex and Death 101, and Surfer, Dude -- but there's no mention of Hatchet, Spiral, and / or Behind the Mask in this story? Coulda sworn they were earlier than those other flicks.

Anyway, good luck to Anchor Bay in their ten-movie-a-year plan. Here's hoping most of their acquisitions are good ones -- and that a few slots are still dedicated to the scary stuff. (I'm betting that Rob Hall's Laid to Rest will be one of AB's early releases, and Erik says the "very funny" Bart Got a Room should also be on that list.) Glad to know that the money I spent on three different DVD versions of Evil Dead 2 is being used wisely.
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