Not too long ago we featured a group of Steampunk Star Wars figures created by Sillof's Workshop. Well, yesterday Cinematical reader Jeff pointed out that Sillof had finished a Return of the Jediline of figures, and, well, as you can see they're pretty damn cool. Above you'll find figures for Jabba the Hutt, slave Princess Leia, Salacious Crumb and Bib Fortuna. (Is it just me, or does this Jabba look straight out of a Guillermo del Toro flick?) Other characters in this set include an Ewok (who kinda looks like a smaller Wookiee -- which is funny since, originally, the forest full of Ewoks was supposed to be full of Wookiees), the Emperor, Imperial guards, Admiral Ackbar and a pimped-out Luke Skywalker. Check out a few images, along with other Steampunk Star Wars figures and drawings, in the gallery below.

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