I tried to get the YouTube version embedded up in here, but it looks like it's been yanked down -- which means you're better off going through the official Twilight website, which will direct you to the appropriate social networking site. Because what's more social than sitting in a quiet movie theater for two hours?

I tried to check out the trailer for myself, but between the always-twitchy MySpace and the various "blockers" I have installed on my browser ... it just didn't happen. So I'll leave it to those hardcore fans who already love the film (despite the fact that it doesn't open until the end of next month) to tell me how this new promo clip rates on the omg-O-meter. Also available at the official site is your chance to win an autographed Twilight baseball, which seems kinda silly because they should be giving away bats.

(Actually, skip the MySpaz site altogether. Watch the trailer in wonderfully diminutive "widget" style right here.)
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