When fan passions get turned onto food, what we usually end up with is sugar-filled creations that are wildly inspiring and awesome to look at, but not exactly healthy. They're tasty treats meant for those special moments, rather than nibbles we can chow down on any day.

But not anymore! Did you hear that Evil Mad Scientist has has created a melon Death Star? Not only does it not have that huge exhaust port flaw, but it's something you can make yourself in 5 minutes. Unfortunately, I can't tell you exactly how -- the Evil Mad Scientist is a bit sneaky about his design. All we know: it takes one cantaloupe, a knife, and five minutes, and there's a few extra hints to get you started.

Just make sure that you eat it the right way when you do dig in. It would be a shame to slice it when it should end up looking like this.

[via The Kitchn]

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