Harrison Ford"We'd have to call it 'Mutt Jones: The Search for Elvis.'"

Harrison Ford has made a career (and $6 billion in grosses) playing tough-as-nails rogues that women want to be with and men just want to be -- intergalactic ruffian Han Solo, badass patriot Jack Ryan and whip-cracking adventurer Indiana Jones, to name a few.

As if to make members of both sexes even more jealous, the 66-year-old screen icon scored a $783 million worldwide hit with this summer's 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' -- and looked supremely spry doing it.

In honor of the 'Skull' DVD release, Moviefone chatted with Ford about playing Dr. Jones after a 20-year layoff, whether he'll be passing Indy's famed fedora to Shia LaBeouf ... and why we won't rule out seeing him in 'Blade Runner 2' or another of his iconic roles.

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