How do you follow films like The Transporter and Transporter 2? Um, you hire non-stop bad-ass Jason Stathamto star in Transporter 3? (Yep.) The third entry in the hyper-kinetic action series comes from Lionsgate (whereas the first two came from Fox) and of course the producers found a way to get Mr. Statham back for Part 3 -- AND they found a way for him to fight with his shirt off. (Marketing class tells us this brings females to the theater.)

The first film dealt with an oddly superhuman courier who is forced to kick much ass when he's double-crossed by some villains. The second film ... pretty much the same, although the action bits were upgraded from slightly absurd to full-on Looney Tunes. Part 3? Yeah, our favorite "package" deliverer is forced to go on a mission, only if he wanders too far from his car, a giant wrist-bomb will go off. Apologies to my film professors, but that's just enough of a plot to get me interested in an action movie.

Transporter 3 opens on November 26, and LG has just released the final trailer. Here it is, and thanks to for hooking us up with the embeddables:
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