Just three days ago, when we told you that Jamie Foxx was joining Gerard Butler for vigilante thriller Law Abiding Citizen, we were all still under the impression that Frank Darabont remained in the director's seat for the project. Unfortunately, AICN has confirmed word that Darabont has indeed stepped away from the film, for reasons unknown, and I for one share the sentiment that this is a distinctly less exciting prospect now.

What's curious is how descriptions of the film's plot have varied. Our post on Darabont's hiring and the film's IMDb page (at the moment) both shared a synopsis that involved an elaborate scheme by an incarcerated criminal mastermind to control the city. Last week's Hollywood Reporter piece on Foxx coming aboard took it back to an reportedly original, comparably simpler tale of injustice and revenge, which screenwriter Kurt Wimmer(Street Kings) may still be able to spin into something special.

Just not, y'know, Darabont special. (Maybe he could return to Stephen King country and finally bring "The Long Walk" to the screen; one can hope...).

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