To an old-school horror fanatic, this is pretty big news. To the rest of you, it's a bunch of babble with the word "cannibals" tossed in near the end. But remember a few weeks back when we talked about how Jack Ketchum's Offspring was about to become a movie, despite the fact that the novel was actually Part 2 to a novel called Off Season? I not-so-cleverly assumed that the rights to Off Season belonged to someone else, and also that Offspring could easily stand as a non-sequel story.

Apparently those Off Season rights did reside elsewhere, because Shock announces that not only is Off Season going to become a movie, but also that Eric Red will be directing it. Genre fans will know Mr. Red's name from films like The Hitcher, Near Dark, Body Parts, Bad Moon, and the upcoming 100 Feet, but apparently he and Jack are old pals, so the project makes sense to me. (No word on if / how the Offspring movie will relate to the Off Season film, but who knows when the flicks will even be finished?)

Off Season
still ranks as my favorite among Mr. Ketchum's books. It's a full-bore survival horror tale that was inspired by "the Sawney Bean legend and horror/siege flicks such as The Hills Have Eyes and Assault on Precinct 13." And yes, it deals with cannibals. We'll assume that Red will also be on adaptation duty, but it's probably a little too early in the process to worry about such things. In the meantime, go read Off Season. And then Offspring.

UPDATE: Screenwriter Nick Koff dropped us an email to let us know that, yep, it's his adaptation that Red will be directing. More info is available at

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