With its R rating safely in hand,Punisher: War Zoneis kicking off its advertising campaign. (Although, to hear my dad tell it, "All I ever see when I got to the movies is that Punisher: War Zone trailer. Isn't anything else coming out?" So I guess they are aggressively marketing this to him, and him alone.) A new clip has surfaced on the film's official website, complete with an introduction from the long lost Lexi Alexander. Make of that what you will. Is it damage control? Or the conclusion of a mean-spirited publicity stunt? Who knows. Feel free to ponder it, but not too much.

It's not the greatest clip in the world. It's only about a minute long, and there's no dialogue, just shooting and explosions. (No Ray Stevenson close-up? I cry foul!) But given that it's a Monday, that might just be what you're in the mood for. (The clip, and the official website are both quite loud. If you're at work, turn down your speakers first. I don't want your boss catching you.)

Punisher: War Zone
opens December 5th, 2008.