Late last week, a new well-edited, well-scored Twilight trailer arrived online and folks went nutty for it. Having been away in the middle of the woods for the past few days, I just checked it out a few minutes ago for the first time, and I'll say they definitely did a bang-up job teasing in the adolescent boys looking for a little fight in their vampire flicks. Yeah, there's a love story somewhere inside this 90210-with-fangs, but it sure as heck doesn't drown our latest piece of sizzle. (Note: We were just told Twilight will have a final run time of 120 minutes and will be rated PG-13.)

Look, whether you want to admit it or not, young females and their moms are the predominant audience for Twilight. They're buying the books, they're running the giant Twilight fan sites and it's their opinion that really matters. (Note: I'm aware there are male fans of Twilight -- and more power to them -- but understand I'm just pointing out the fact that they're in the minority here.) So I'm wondering a few things after checking out the latest trailer -- like, did it bring in any new fans, male or female? Was Twilight's core female audience turned off by the new trailer because it didn't feature more of the love story? Did the score make it seem too creepy and horror movie-ish? Is that the tone you want?

This puppy gets two polls below (feel free to watch the trailer again after the jump), and don't be afraid to spill your feeling over into the comments section.


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