It didn't take Obama supporters long to jump on the whole Star Wars-themed bandwagon, and so in the spirit of t-shirts like this Luke Skywalker one, comes a new t-shirt created by Barack Obama supporters. On the front of this one (see above), you get Obama and R2-D2 (shoulda been R2-Biden) in an X-wing being chased by a few tie fighters, and then on the back you have a drawing of the Death Star ... but if it was run by John McCain and Darth Vader. (Check out both images enlarged in the gallery below). They're telling us that all proceeds for this particular shirt -- which runs at $19.95 -- will go directly to the Obama campaign.

Who's behind it all? From the website (where you can purchase the shirt): We're a group of people based in Santa Cruz, CA and New York City who desperately want to see Obama prevail. We've created this t-shirt because we think it captures how so many of us feel about the upcoming election and the way the other side operates. Our goal is to unite people all across the country around this sentiment and to raise as much money as we can to defeat this Empire that's been running our country for the last 8 years."

Personally, I'm still waiting for someone to doctor-up an image of Obama as Lando ... (ahem, creative readers ...)

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