"... it just seems like a home run if you could keep making 'X-Men' movies forever ..."

James Marsden is one of Hollywood's unsung players -- a versatile character actor trapped in a leading man's body.

He's been a superhero ('X-Men'), a prince ('Enchanted'), a singing-and-dancing TV host ('Hairspray') ... and now, in the upcoming raunchy teen road-trip comedy 'Sex Drive,' he's Rex, the thirtysomething big brother from hell, with a mullet and one helluva sweet, sweet ride.

When Moviefone chatted with the refreshingly down-to-earth married father of two (he and actress wife Lisa Linde have Jack, 7 and Mary, 3), he revealed what drew him to playing a loser jerk, what perfume commercial he sang for -- and what '80s teen idol inspired him to pick up and move to L.A.

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