I've been a fan of Joss Whedon ever since I sat down in the sun, flabbergasted at the thought of a Buffy television show, to catch a re-airing of "Welcome to the Hellmouth." Once I was hooked in permanently, it became clear that the man loved not only the idea of defying stereotypes and praising strong women, but honoring his cast members. When Firefly fell, a few found themselves in the Buffy and Angelverse. But one who didn't, Summer Glau, had already popped up as a ballerina on Angel (look above!). But it looks like that wasn't enough for Joss, because now Glau is getting a short film, Whedon-style.

MTV reports that Joss has written a short film/ballet called The Serving Girl for the current Terminator, full not only of Whedon plot, but more Whedon music. This entire project is completely at the whim of scheduling, but the pair have teamed up with a choreographer, so that's promising for the short. Also promising -- the fact that Terminator might get canceled and leave Glau open to dance her toes off for the short.

What say you? Should Glau stay on TV kicking butt, or head to the short film world to dance once again?
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