Hopefully, you're all still out there after last week's emotional revelations. I didn't mean to make that quite as depressing as it turned out – but insomnia and Two Mules for Sister Sara can do that to a girl, I guess. This week, we're going to tackle the intriguing topic of a Daredevilreboot.

While I want to hate the "reboot" trend, I can't. I write too many of those "If they had just done it right!" rants. For a studio to offer the chance to see a movie done right is just too tempting – and it's not as though it obliterates the original attempt, the fans of that film can still go geek out over it and pretend the rest of us are collectively insane. It's not a trend that I would want to see expand beyond comic book films, though – unless there's some classic novel that's been totally bastardized onscreen or something. It really only works if there's source material to go back to, and treat right. And given that comic books are an industry that is built on revision, retro-con, rewriters, and alternate universes, I can't really complain when movie studios try to do the same thing.
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