What are you doing for tonight's debate? Will you be watching? And did you know the very super awesome Hofstra University was hosting it (and I'm not just saying that because I went there or anything). Over on Fark, they're hosting a pretty hilarious photoshop contest in which folks are taking existing movie posters and re-tooling them to include John McCain and Barack Obama. One of my favorites has to go to the above poster for Dude, Where's My Car-- and if you look closely at those girls in the background, you'll notice a familiar face (and so what if I've been crushin' on the gal -- she's purty and stuff). Very funny nonpartisan humor.

Check out a group of these posters in the gallery below (the first one is nutty and freaky), then tell us your favorites. Additionally, feel free to send us your own creations and we'll post them at a later date. Get creative people! This is why we have imaginations!