For a while now, Glamour has been pulling various actresses into the directorial fold with their Reel Moments series. Last year brought the likes of Kirsten Dunst and Jennifer Aniston, and this year, Demi Moore. Now Demi's short is online, along with shorts from Courteney Cox and Kirsten Smith (writer of films like Legally Blonde and The House Bunny).

This has been a pretty kickass project, one that will hopefully get more women behind the camera and making names for themselves. As for the latest bash of shorts -- one is uplifting, one is plain wacky, and the last is a good kick in the shins to the overly weight-conscious. Check them out here for yourself, and keep reading for a rundown of the latest three.

The Monday Before Thanksgiving -- Courteney Cox's short casts her alongside Laura Dern and Rosemary Harris in the story of a woman who loses her mother right before Thanksgiving. But rather than focus on grief and loss, the short focuses on the the insistance to be coupled and being happy single.

The Spleenectomy -- In a role that only Anna Faris could pull off, Smith's short follows a terrible aspiring actress who gets mistaken for her doctor twin sister at the hospital and has to pull off an emergency spleenectomy. Oh, only in the movies.

Streak -- Demi's short, which features daughter Rumer, focuses on comfort zones and college girls strapped and tied down to the worries of weight, fat, and (omg) calories and cankles -- until it's time to streak.