With all the talk revolving around the hottest new superhero franchises, it seems Spider-Man is starting to feel like an aging star. I half expect Peter Parker to come out with a line like, "When I was young, my film only had one villain and it took a whole two hours to defeat him." Yeah, well now your superhero movie ain't cool unless it boasts at least three villains, and the darker the music, the characters and the storyline, the better. So where does Spider-Man fit in to all of this?

MTV caught up with Sam Raimi recently, who seems to know very little about a Spider-Man 4 or 5, except that he's chatted with people about the film(s) and hopes to direct (Raimi also confirmed that he's talked about shooting both films back-to-back, which was a rumor that started right here on Cinematical). He does admit to not having a script yet, and says that production wouldn't begin until March, 2010. As far as villains go, Raimi thinks "one day The Lizard's story will be told," which makes sense -- and added that he's "hoping to work with Dylan [Baker] in the picture."

But is this the solution? Continue with the same storyline, bringing 2010 versions of both Tobey Maguire (who'll be in his mid-thirties) and Kirsten Dunst back to the big screen in an attempt to revive this almost forgotten-about franchise? In this new age of darker, more realistic superheroes, what needs to happen for Spider-Man to succeed? And who needs to star? After all, May 2011 is a far, far away.
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