There's not much in the land of geekdom that can successfully follow up Star Trek, but here's a round-up of what is fit to know.

  • Richard Donner tells Variety that a sequel to The Goonies nearly happened -- but the project is now as dead as a doornail. "We tried really hard, and Steven (Spielberg) said, 'Let's do it.' We had a lot of young writers submit work, but it just didn't seem to call for it." Thank all that is holy. If you're feeling nostalgic, check out the link to the full article, as there's some funny behind-the-scenes stories, particularly about Josh Brolin.
  • Variety also reports that Brad Ingelsby is writing Sleeper, Sam Raimi's bigscreen adaptation of the DC/Wildstorm comic. I assume for the time being Tom Cruise still wants to star, and get in on this whole comic book thing.
  • Yet another poster for The Spirit has been released, and this time it's popped over at Bad Taste.
  • Moviehole reports that the World of Warcraft movie is still going forward, and a script is being written -- but no one can say anything more for fear of being shot.
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