First full-length trailer is pretty bloody good.

The first two trailers released for 'Twilight,' the teen vampire flick that's quickly emerged as fall's most highly anticipated movie, were essentially glorified teasers, offering just enough to whet fans' appetites in less than 80 seconds a pop.

Well, 'Twilight' finally has a full-length preview, and it's one that is certainly riling up the book-to-movie's rabid fan base even more -- well, if that's remotely possible.

Set to a haunting score, the preview is a little more targeted toward the uninitiated, offering a CliffsNotes version of the story (girl meets boy; boy saves girl's life; girl slowly realizes boy is vampire). But for diehards, this new look offers something we've yet to see in the teasers: vampire-on-vampire action. (Get your head out of the gutter, we mean fight scenes).

'Twilight' opens everywhere Nov. 21. See exclusive photos from the movie here.