Pictured: Anton Yelchin, Chris Pine, Simon Pegg, Karl Urban, John Cho, and Zoe Saldana

Yesterday we told you about those new Star Trek images (revealing snippets of each), and now Entertainment Weekly has revealed their snazzy eight-page Trek spread, featuring all of the aforementioned images, as well as tasty plot information, action scene descriptions, interviews with the cast and, of course, director J.J. Abrams, who talks at length about what brought him to the franchise and which direction he'd be taking: "In a world where a movie as incredibly produced as The Dark Knight is raking in gazillions of dollars, Star Trek stands in stark contrast,It was important to me that optimism be cool again."

On what type of film they were aiming for, Abrams says, "We weren't making a movie for fans of Star Trek. We were making a movie for fans of movies." Regarding the plot -- and here come some mild spoilers -- EW tells us the flick begins when "a Federation starship, the USS Kelvin (pictured right), is attacked by a vicious Romulan (Eric Bana) desperately seeking one of the film's heroes. From there, the film then brings Kirk and Spock center stage and tracks the origins of their friendship and how they became officers aboard the Enterprise. In fact, the movie shows how the whole original series crew came together: McCoy (Karl Urban), Uhura (Zoë Saldana), Scotty (Simon Pegg), Sulu (John Cho), and Chekov (Anton Yelchin)." The mag goes on to reveal locations such as Earth, a harsh ice planet and Vulcan (calling the scenes they viewed "state-of-the-art pop), and also how Leonard Nimoy was an "essential element" of the new Trek. EW says Nimoy's "first scene" as Spock (which means he'll be in more than one) is "goose-bumpingly cool."

Abrams will take some scenes on an international press tour, screening them for select European audiences hoping to "educate people that this is a whole new franchise." Also, EW does indeed confirm that the new full trailer for Star Trek will play in front of Quantum of Solace, which hits theaters on November 14. Meanwhile, Star Trek will finally debut on the big screen on May 8.

Update: AICN has added one more Trek photo to the pack (which they call a Spock "outtake"). View it below, and click to enlarge.

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