You know the hells of type-casting, right? Someone kicks ass in a certain role, and next thing you know, that's all they can get, whether it's laughs, screams, moans, or groans. But usually at least the stories are different.

Not so for Steve Carell. The Hollywood Reporter posts that the actor has signed on to a new period comedy called Brigadier Gerard, which will have him playing French soldier fighting in the Napoleonic wars. Sure, this sounds mighty different from his other fare, but I'm not finished -- he'll play "Etienne Gerard, a soldier who considers himself a gallant swordsman but whose actual skills often pale in comparison to his own conception of them."

Carell is getting smarted right back in time! So not only do we get two doses of Smart (#2 is on the way), but one more with his delusional grandeur set back in time. On the plus side, King of the Hill writers John Altshuler and David Krinsky pulled the film out of a series of Arthur Conan Doyle stories, so there's good source material to work from.

What do you think? Will you take Carell in any form, or is it time he stopped taking on roles rife with obvious delusions of grandeur?
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