In writing posts for Cinematical over the last few years, I have been pained at the sheer lack of women-centric comedies that really deal with those parts of female nature that are so very real and relevant. You know -- cool clothes, spray tans, and perfect weddings.

Yeah, I like me some fashion and beauty from time to time, and I even have quite the Fluevog fetish, but come on, Hollywood -- this is getting old! I mean, I knew what was coming when word of Bride Wars hit, but seeing the trailer (over at /film) just makes me want to bang my head against the wall many, many times. The hope I had in Gary Winick -- that's gone. The trailer is basically just a parade of stereotypes -- the girls hungry for marriage who have it all planned out and obsess about it, who accidentally find their rings before the proposal (or at least one does), and then busy themselves with body insults, clueless guys, and of course, quickly growing to hate each other over trivial things.

Yeah, it's just a movie, but even fluff can be better than that! Someone needs to send Kate back to the Almost Famous years and remind Anne about the better wedding-centric work out there, like Rachel Getting Married.