For those who want to get a head start on Sex Drive, you'll be happy to know the first ten R-rated minutes of the film have arrived online, courtesy of MySpace. I've heard some pretty good things about Sex Drive from everyone who's seen it, which makes me happy because I'm a huge fan of the teen sex comedy genre. Sure, it's reminiscent of past teen sex comedies -- and when you watch the pretty hilarious opening scene, I'm positive thoughts of American Pie will roll around your head -- but I'm of the opinion that, if done right with a solid cast, then, heck, bring it on. Aren't all teen sex comedies kinda sorta the same at the end of the day? Plot: Teen(s) want to get laid. Go!

Sex Drive tells of one desperate high school senior who decides to drive across country in an attempt to hook up with the hottie he met online. Cue all sorts of ridiculous on-the-road antics, and throw in a rowdy, over-the-top performance from James Marsden (think Stifler on steroids) and we have the makings of some much-needed fall laughter. For more, check out Moviefone's interview with Marsden.

What do you think -- has the footage convinced you to see Sex Drive this weekend?