While there's more than enough new content for everyone this weekend, we're going to focus on the three more talked-about films, and try to get a sense of which flicks will cause you to open the wallet. Surprisingly, if you're down for a raunchy teen sex comedy, Summit's Sex Drive might just be your best bet come Friday night. Oh yes, I bet you didn't see that coming. Buzz on both Max Payne and W. has been lukewarm, with a lot of Twitter hate being thrown at the former. Previewing Eric D. Snider's upcoming review of Max Payne for Cinematical, he unfortunately has this to say: "I know we've often complained that these movies were ALL action and NO substance, but this one has gone in the opposite direction. Well, except there's not really any substance, either."

Our own James Rocchi was a bit indifferent with his excellent upcoming W. review for Cinematical, noting: "If distance grants perspective, though, you could also argue that proximity grants immediacy, and argue that Stone's W. is not meant as a somber, serious look back but rather a cautious, nervy attempt to peer into the recent past, a film with, in the words another Presidential candidate recently borrowed, 'the fierce urgency of now.'"

But perhaps neither of these films do it for you. If that's the case, might I suggest a little indie currently airing on Starz called The Big Bad Swim. It's a darling of a film, and it's available through Starz On Demand through October 30th. Quiet, quirky and kinda fun. Check it out. (Paid for by Guys Who Really Dig Jess Weixler)