It looks like both Warner Bros. and Brad Pitt can't get enough of Homer.

First, we got The Iliad morphed into Troy, with Pitt playing Achilles. Now Variety reports that Pitt is teaming up with Warner Bros. once again to make Homer's next epic, The Odyssey -- with George Miller adapting. Now you might wonder how Pitt can continue on when the story moves over to Sean Bean's Odysseus. First -- Pitt is on-board as producer. Second -- the hope is that Pitt will take over the role. (I guess Boromir isn't a big enough draw.)

But that's not all they're doing to jazz the story up -- their "intention is to transfer the tale to a futuristic setting in outer space." Um, 2001, anyone? If things work out, the plan is to get Miller to also direct the film, with Pitt journeying through space in whatever fashion Miller dreams up.

As someone who was quite disappointed with the first attempt in 2004, this just seems like grasping at straws -- stretching for a better reception while picking up on classic motifs like Kubrick. That being said, I adore Miller's work on Twilight Zone (I still get creeped out looking at plane wings) and would be interested to see what he can bring to the project. Thoughts?
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