I don't care if it sounds like half of X-Men and it looks like two-thirds of Heroes: This new action flick Push is now officially on my radar in a big way. The guys over at Empire are pretty psyched about it as well, and they remind us that director Paul McGuigan was in attendance at San Diego Comic Con to share some very nifty footage.

As far as the plot goes, it seems to go like this: A group of normal people with some very special powers are being tracked down by an agency full of other people with very special powers. Only evil. But while Push does indeed sound a lot like Heroes, this new trailer indicates that it also looks like a lot of fun. Cast members include Chris Evans and Dakota Fanning as good guys and Djimon Hounsou as one nasty-looking bad guy.

Anyway, the flick doesn't hit until next February, so enjoy the trailer now. Empire even has a trailer breakdown for those who enjoy the minutiae.
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