There are few films that not only impress you, but rip you out of complacency and compel you to speak out and help -- whether it's for a cause, or merely to encourage more buzz. But even most of those films eventually fall into the dusty halls of the past, seemingly forgotten as new films and motivations arise. That's definitely not so with Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father. Erik and I have been talking about this film all year -- through ourreviews, thoughts, continuingnews, and the poster. And now you can view the trailer above.

Dear Zachary is a film that should be seen by everyone. The heart-wrenching story it relays is important, but also inspiring. Even in all of the devastation and tragedy there are beacons of positivity and strength that we can all learn from. But we've covered this before. Read up on the film through the links above and please -- go see it.

Update: Dear Zachary arrives in theaters on October 31st in New York and on November 7th in Los Angeles and Chicago, before expanding to other cities. Additionally, you'll be able to catch the entire doc when it airs on MSNBC this December 7th.