Pictured: Eric Bana as the new Star Trek villain, Nero.

As you may or may not already know, Paramount went nutty with Star Trekimages over the past couple of days. Not only did they release something in the neighborhood of 10 photos, but they did so across several different websites -- which, in case you were wondering (or in a sympathetic mood), made our job of tracking them all down for you oh so much fun. But now, my friends, comes the real fun part -- because we finally have all those brand spanking new Star Trek images in one place. No clicking between eight or nine different sites, venturing off to the weird and scary world of online movie news. No sir. One stop shop. (And pardon me for veering off topic, but doesn't Nero above look like he's just itching for a glow-stick and a hot Saturday night rave right about now?)

Those interested in learning more about the film's storyline (which will detail how the original Trek crew all came together, minus the hazing and keg stands) can head over to this post. Also included are some juicy nuggets of info from director J.J. Abrams. The rest of you can jump right into that gallery below and get busy with your bad selves. Star Trektouches down in theaters on May 8.

Thoughts on the new images?

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