This week I'm taking a look at trailers chosen purely on the basis of how much they caught my eye.

Marley and Me
What caught my attention here was the idea that Owen Wilson is yet again playing a man wrestling with his inability to grow up, kind of like he did in Wedding Crashers and You Me and Dupree. Is this a groove or a rut? This time out Wilson is playing a married man who is unsure about whether or not he's ready to be a father, so he and his wife (played by Jennifer Aniston) test the parental waters by getting a dog. There's lots of cute doggie hijinx on display here, but between the Beethoven flashbacks and the fact that I've yet to see a really good Jennifer Aniston movie, I think I'll be passing on this one.

Sunshine Cleaning
In this indie comedy, two down on their luck sisters launch a business in which they clean up after crime scenes and untimely deaths. It's no one's dream job, but I can see there being a market for it. This is being touted as coming from the producers ofLittle Miss Sunshine, and one of that film's stars (Alan Arkin) appears here as the sisters' father. We've got some laughs and endearing characters here and there's a scene with Amy Adams lounging fetchingly in her underwear. I'll be watching for this one. Check out Kim's review of the film.