I'm not sure if you've been following Saturday Night Live over the past few weeks, but they've made some viral waves with a few sketches -- most notably Tina Fey's Sarah Palin impersonation, but also with Andy Samberg's Mark Wahlberg in a hilarious skit called Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals. Of course, it didn't take long for someone to catch the real Wahlberg (who's conveniently making the TV rounds promoting his new flick Max Payne) and ask him what he thought of the sketch.

Guess what? He didn't like it. Not only did he not like it, but he also told Jimmy Kimmel that next time he sees Andy Samberg, he's going "to crack that big f**king nose of his." All kidding aside, though, Wahlberg does seem a bit flattered he was chosen, though he admits to wanting something a bit more "legendary" and says they're trying to figure out a way for him to appear on SNL tonight. He notes [via Vulture], "I wasn't unhappy with it. It's just that after seeing the Tina Fey–Sarah Palin thing you were kind of hoping for something on that level. That's legendary. But they actually called and asked me if I would do something on the show this weekend, but I can't stay until Saturday, so maybe we'll film something in L.A."

Check out the video of Wahlberg on Kimmel below, then we've provided the original SNL sketch for those who missed it after the jump. Oh ... and say hi to your mother for me.

Update: Wahlberg appeared on SNL tonight with Andy Samberg in a pretty funny follow-up skit. We'll add video when it's available -- what did you think of it? Funnier than the original?

Update 2: New Wahlberg SNL video with Samberg after the jump.