Earlier this week, Roger Ebert posted with his new batch of reviews one for the indie film Tru Loved, of which I personally know little aside from its opening in limited release this past Friday. Ebert's review is included among the six currently constituting that film's dead-even Tomatometer.

The twist is, Ebert admits to only having made it through the first eight minutes of the film before shutting it off. Normally, that's not exactly cricket, but considering how many movies he's seen, how many reviews he's written, how many Pulitzer Prizes he's won (and occasionally brandished), for him to say within that span of time that "I'm sure its heart is in the right place, but it fails at fundamentals we take for granted when we go to the movies" carries an appropriate heft. After all, he admits that "the rating only applies to the first eight minutes. After that, you're on your own."

He has subsequently linked to a lively blog discussion in which he defends his decision, while others chime in (most with careful consideration; others insist that Ebert should quit for such shenanigans). How about you guys: what's the earliest that you've ever given up on a movie (let's stick with theatrical experiences, as opposed to flippant channel surfing)? Are you cool with any reviewer pulling something like this, so long as they're open about it? What about when it's such an illustrious critic as Ebert throwing in the towel?

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