What appears to be a weird and wild little journey, artist Graham Rawle has illustrated a new version of The Wizard of Oz which brings to life a whole bunch of scenes and characters not featured in the 1939 movie starring Judy Garland, but included in L. Frank Baum's book. Over on his website, Rawle explains: "Though many episodes are reassuringly familiar I was surprised to find L. Frank Baum's Oz richly populated with bizarre and wonderful characters not featured in the film: the Dainty China people, ornament-sized folk made from porcelain who are prone to breakages, and the Hammer Heads, armies of armless fighters with extendable necks and hard, flat heads. There are extra scenes, as well as back story, that reveal the origin of the Winged Monkeys, how the Tin Woodman came to be made of tin, and how the Emerald City only appears green because its inhabitants are made to wear green tinted spectacles."

It took Rawle two years to put together this new book, and what he did was craft miniature sets, characters, costumes -- all of it made from scratch, then altered in photoshop. I've never read the original Wizard of Oz, so hearing about these characters and seeing Rawle's freakingly cool images definitely has me wanting more. You can watch an animated trailer for the book after the jump, and check out some of Rawle's sweet imagery below. Oh, and buy the book over here or prints over here. Trippy stuff.

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