Cinematical has just received two exclusive clips from the upcoming French animated horror anthology Fear(s) of the Dark. And if "French animated horror anthology" doesn't snag your attention, then how about news that this puppy is pretty damn good. The film itself consists of a collection of six freaky animated shorts created by six of the world's most renowned graphic artists (Charles Burns, Lorenzo Mattoli, Blutch, Marie Caillou, Pierre Di Sciullo and Richard McGuire) and all are based on the concept of fear.

Cinematical's own renowned horror expert, Scott Weinberg, said this about the flick back when we premiered the poster: "Fear(s) of the Dark is not exactly a Creepshow-style omnibus, but for genre fans who can appreciate a little culture now and again, I'd call it a very cool little treat. And if you're a big fan of graphic arts or the craft of animation, then I suspect you'll devour this French delicacy with a very large spoon. Plus, best of all, it's creepy!"

Fear(s) of the Dark hits theaters (in limited release) and On Demand on October 22. Check out one clip below and the second clip after the jump.